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ECS promotes many aspects of a home in order to make it safe, comfortable, and energy efficient. We are experts at managing complex situations to include moisture management, crawlspace solutions, indoor air quality, humidity levels, and sprayfoam insulation on both new and existing homes and businesses. Our approach is always a “whole house approach” to assure predictable outcomes. We always assure an accurate diagnosis to any situation before prescribing the correct solution.

"When Katrina struck we were without electricity for 8 days. During the day we had a little old 110 volt window unit that my husband placed in the breakfast area window. Along with 2 ceiling fans this little window unit kept the main area of this almost 2500 sq. ft. house comfortable. (Doors to the utility room, study, bedrooms and baths were kept closed). During the night time hours we used a larger generator (1948) and were able to run the central unit. After the insulation was sprayed every worker that went into the attic commented on how much cooler our attic was. This was an upgrade that my husband and I are so very glad that we did."

Greg & Kathy Sigmon

I was impressed with the fact that the spray foam did not just insulate our building well, it also happened to deaden the sounds from outside. We were also able to save money by using smaller HVAC units because we used foam as our insulation.

Terry Harrell

We are just a few weeks from completion but we are already enjoying the comfort and benefits of our new energy efficient home. Thanks to the crew of Energy and Comfort Solutions, we will enjoy low electric bills and excellent indoor air quality like never before. We’re now convinced this is the only way to build a house in this hot, humid climate. Our congratulations to ECS for going above and beyond their job to insure our satisfaction.

Dennis & Juanita Good

We had very high utility bills in our home so we replaced the existing heating and air conditioning system with a heat pump in 2005 and our bills went down significantly. Later on, we had Energy and Comfort Solutions come out and spray the foam insulation under our subfloor because we had no insulation there. After the insulation was done, out heating bills in the winter were less than half of what they were before the foam. Our January electric bill before the foam was $300.00 and the next year, after the foam was installed, the electric bill for January was $115.00! The house is also much more comfortable and we are very pleased with the performance of the company and the product.

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Tankersley
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