Sprayfoam Insulation

Sprayfoam insulation is a high performance product that can help achieve tremendous results in your home or business when utilized and installed properly. We specialize in both new construction and existing structures. Knowing when and where and how to use this product is what is most important to achieve the desired results. Proper installation and verification is critical and we have the experience to assure success. Contact us to discuss your project to include:

  • New Construction
  • Existing Construction
  • Subfloor Solutions
  • Wine Rooms
  • Specialty Projects

Moisture Management

At ECS we have been at the forefront of moisture management (humidity control) in our hot humid climate. We understand the complex situations in our climate and how to manage these situations in different building / construction types. We have pioneered many of the solutions used in our environment. Contact us to discuss your needs and we will find solutions based on sound building science based on accurate diagnosis. Common areas of moisture management include:

  • Moisture problems in attics / Dripping AC Ductwork
  • Crawlspace problems causing flooring issues
  • Dripping ducts in crawlspace
  • Elevated humidity in living area or areas of the home.
  • Complex moisture / humidity issues.

Problem Resolution

Here at ECS we have been solving problems including highly complex moisture management problems on properties for years. We are often brought into complex situations by the areas most highly trained and respected HVAC companies, contractors, flooring professionals, and architects just to mention a few. If you are having any problems in your home or business dealing with moisture / humidity, spray foam situations, cupped hardwood flooring, dripping ducts, or reoccurring problems with mildew in any area of your home or business contact us to discuss.